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Which Laguna CNC Machine is Right For You?

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Woodworking CNC Machines

Industry-Leading woodworking machinery. Laguna CNC machines were designed & developed from extensive knowledge. Laguna Tools offer Routers, CO2 Lasers, Edgebanders, CNC Turners, & Joinery Machines for your woodshop.
Laguna CNC machines work with the following materials: soft & hardwood, hard plastic, acrylic, non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, high-density foam & more. 

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CNC Fiber laser Cutter

Metalworking CNC Machines

Our state-of-the-art and easy-to-use metalworking CNC machines cut metal with ease and precision. Laguna offers an extensive line of Plasma Cutters, Fiber Lasers, Engravers & Metal Sanding Machines to fit any metal shop.

Laguna Metalworking CNC Machines work with ferrous metals such as iron, stainless steel, alloys, low medium & high carbon steel.   

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SmartShop MT - 500x500

Multi-Tool CNC Machines

​ With spindles for routing & several knife cutting options, our Laguna Multi-Purpose CNC Machines work with a variety of materials from soft foam to hardwood. Ideal for any shop our Multi-tool CNC including the SmartShop 5-Axis Machine is hands down the best you can get.
Laguna multi-tool machines work with wood, plastic, vinyl, leather, fabric, soft, medium, and hard foam as well as non-ferrous metals.

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Why A CNC Machine?

"...we landed on LAGUNA because of price and user-friendly reviews. The reviews online were amazing: everybody talked about how easy and quickly they got their machine set up and into the production schedule really sold us on the company and machine."

Sean Thornton
Construction Manager | Gallagher Designs

Save On Material Costs

Maximizing profits starts with using materials as efficiently as possible. This method, called "nesting," allows you to use as much of your material as possible at once.

Woodworking CNC Router


save time


Use Your Time Efficiently

While your new CNC machine is working its automated program, you can focus on other aspects of your business or hobby. Having just one CNC can, at least, double your capabilities.

Get Profitable In Days, Not Weeks

Your transition period from delivered to making money is minimized with our full support staff and technician training.

Not only do we provide lifetime over-the-phone support; but, we offer in-person installation and training.

CNC Router Machine


What Materials work on a CNC?


The staple and most widely used material for LAGUNA CNC Routers, wood encompasses a majority of applications for a CNC router.

Each LAGUNA CNC router is able to cut wood quickly, efficiently, and operate while you can work on other projects.

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Guitar Making CNC Router



With our Fiber Laser CNC Machines, just about any type of metal can be cut, engraved, or etched.

Whether producing exclusively with metal or wanting to add an extra flair to your projects, a LAGUNA Fiber Cutting, Fiber Engraving, or Plasma Cutting CNC machine will get the job done and cost a few dollars per hour to run.

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Metal Cutting CNC Lasers


Plastics, Composites, Foam, and Others

For sign making, foam cuts, and other random material projects, this is where our SmartShop MT really shines.

The MT – which stands for Multi-tool – can fit several styles of knives as well as routing bits on the same head.

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plastics and composite cnc machines


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"With the help of Laguna Tools... we had a great time learning. Anything that you can draw, anything you want to put together, it will cut."

Mark Gomez
CEO Botany Unlimited Design Systems

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